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Corporate and public sector



A Corporate meetings are one of the important aspects of a company life. These meetings may revolve around discussions of quality control, firm’s efficiency, annual report, sales turnover, new product launch and host of other vital issues. Most companies are going or have already gone global with their branches spread across the world. Holding corporate meetings with geographically dispersed locations of a company necessitates the need for a facility that can enable them to see each other live and hold one to one discussions with multiple people. Audio visual innovations has enabled companies to hold live face to face real time meetings with their various locations without carrying the burden of travelling to hold meetings. This audio visual innovation feature has stirred up a whole new world of business opportunities as now instead of the traditional way of booking a ticket, and spending time as well as energy to travel to a location and hold meetings; companies are saving on their business crucial time and spending. PFT Solutions is a premium solution provider for all corporate audio visual equipments. Based in Montreal, Quebec PFT Solutions also provide superior video conference infrastructure that is required for connecting various corporate branches.Companies improve upon their overall profits by holding live face to face interactions with their clients, partners, peers, superiors or subordinates who are sitting anywhere in the world. Another important requirement of the corporate world is to share presentations and files during corporate meetings. PFT Solution’s advanced audio visual services enables clients share live presentation slides, pdf files and documents for effective presentation. The audio visual services also enable meeting members to ask queries during a presentation facilitating a live meeting experience in real time. Corporate training can be also done effectively in a cost effective and time efficient manner with PFT Solution’s audio visual equipments. HR recruitments can be also facilitated in a speedier and less expenditure manner with the latest audio video devices of PFT Solution. New recruitments of prospective candidates and onboard induction processes can be made speedier and more efficient with PFT’s superior audio video meeting. PFT Solution’s visual equipments include high definition picture quality that facilitates viewers to see their counterparts in real time and in good picture quality as good as meeting them in person. PFT Solutions provides advanced good quality corporate visual equipments such as LED screens and projectors that support HD and full-HD quality. PFT Solutions provide fully customized corporate solutions backed by rigid product warranties and outstanding client support.DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions possible across campus. It’s a concept of a centralized management for sending out scheduled

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