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Corporate and
public sector

A Corporate meetings are one of the important aspects of a company life. These meetings may revolve around discussions of quality control, firm’s efficiency, annual report, sales turnover, new product launch and host of other vital issues. Most companies are going or have already gone global with their branches spread across the world.


The hospitality industry is one of the most profitable industries and hence very competitive too. For Hotels and retail outlets to hold their footprint in this cut-throat competition requires smart marketing. Audio Visual Innovations in hospitality arena enable hoteliers and retailers enhance their customer’s experience and help them gain a competitive advantage. Montreal, Quebec based PFT Solutions provides latest Audio Visual Innovations that are essential for the success of the hospitality industry. 


Houses of worship



Educational institutions

The education world has come a long way from the time of blackboard teaching to today’s new age digital way of learning. Audio visual innovations not only foster a new approach to explain concepts but also kindle the interest in a student unlike the traditional classroom teaching. Latest audio visual innovations have attached an increased flexibility and enabled advancement to the learning process. Higher education and professional courses involve complex concepts, which make the traditional way of teaching is not interesting or mentally stimulating to young candidates.


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