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The hospitality industry is one of the most profitable industries and hence very competitive too. For Hotels and retail outlets to hold their footprint in this cut-throat competition requires smart marketing. Audio Visual Innovations in hospitality arena enable hoteliers and retailers enhance their customer’s experience and help them gain a competitive advantage. Montreal, Quebec based PFT Solutions provides latest Audio Visual Innovations that are essential for the success of the hospitality industry. Proper marketing of one’s facilities is essential for the success of retail and hotel chains, PFT Solutions understands this need, and has designed the latest visual presentations and audio visual services for showcasing their service facilities to potential clients and grab the customer attention and interest.Most retail and hotel chains are spread across various geographic locations; PFT solution’s seamless audio visual services enable the hospitality industry to stay connected with their geographically dispersed staff as well as their distant customers. With the help of high quality visual equipment and audio devices, instant high class communication can be setup and direct face to face interaction can be done with customers. it’s never been a key factor with all my hospitality jobs.Emphasis should rather be on permanent audio visual infrastructure that hotel rents out to their clients as part of the meeting room package. The permanent audio visual infrastructure can easily be managed by end users using in room touch panels which in turn can also control the environment such as lighting, shades and ventilation. PFT can also make possible for the client to make a phone call from the touch panel itself, or order more coffee with the simple press of a button. Hotel staff can also manage all this technology remotely. PFT Solutions highly expert staff first designs a customized solution as per the client requirement and then design the technical specifications of all the audio and video devices that have to be installed at various locations. The firm then takes complete responsibility for the installation of the audio video devices at all the branches of the hotel or retail chain. Entire cabling and interlinking of various client locations is also done by PFT solution. PFT solutions also provide finer plasma screens and latest projectors along with effective video conferencing and management solutions. All products of PFT Solutions are backed by warranty assurance and superior customer support services.Digital signage solutions. It’s a concept of a centralized management for sending out scheduled messages or instant alerts to remote screens located all across the property, may it be in another building across the street or in another country. Individual DIGITAL SIGNAGE screens outside each meeting room can display occupancy and reservations.

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