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The education world has come a long way from the time of blackboard teaching to today’s new age digital way of learning. Audio visual innovations not only foster a new approach to explain concepts but also kindle the interest in a student unlike the traditional classroom teaching. Latest audio visual innovations have attached an increased flexibility and enabled advancement to the learning process. Higher education and professional courses involve complex concepts, which make the traditional way of teaching is not interesting or mentally stimulating to young candidates.Audio Visual Equipment when used in higher education classroom can act as a powerful medium for knowledge exchange and collaboration. This type of knowledge exchange via advanced audio visual services can connect remotely located students with a central classroom. It means that one teacher located in Vancouver can even teach students sitting in Montreal, Ontario and Alberta all at the same time. This is possible due to Audio Visual Equipments present in all the four classrooms that have projectors showing visual presentation of the professor and other classrooms who are participating in the live session.In such a scenario, the audio visual services present in the entire connected classrooms enable the students to have a live classroom experience wherein the professor can also point to a student sitting in a classroom in other location and ask him questions through video conference equipment.Montreal, Quebec located PFT Solutions is a one-stop solution for all audio visual needs and cabling infrastructure requirements that are required for a stimulating higher learning experience. PFT solutions can provide properly planned and customized audio visual equipments and audio visual services for implementation of higher education classrooms. Including enviroment control such as lighting, shades and ventilation.PFT Solutions highly trained and experienced staff act as consultants to design and build an effective customized learning solution for their clients. They first thoroughly assess one’s teaching layout and based on classroom dimensions and distance between various classrooms, design a foolproof audio, visual and cabling design. Based on the survey of the classrooms and the institution’s specific requirements, technical specifications of required video displays and audio equipments are provided by PFT. PFT Solutions’ experienced staffs undertakes the complete responsibility for installation and commissioning of audio visual equipments from the installation of complex audio devices, visual presentation devices, environment control to the entire cabling requirements from scratch to finish.PFT Solutions provides advanced visual presentation equipments such as LED screens, professional projectors, seamless video conferencing and management solutions. PFT Solutions all products are backed by warranty, device continuance contract and excellent post sales service and support.

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